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 From £2,695 (inc third party costs)

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans to Put Your Mind at Ease in Greater Manchester

At Meadow Funeral Directors, we provide pre-paid funeral services in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester so that you and your family can effectively plan for the future. Prices start from just £2,595 including third-party costs. If you’ve ever thought about putting things into place so your family and friends won’t have to, this is perfect for you. Even if it’s never crossed your mind, get in touch with our team to start the conversation.

Your Options


The Clarendon Way


• Professional Fee

• Basic Resting Bed

• Committal / Crematorium Fee

• Multi-Faith / Clergy Fee

• Doctor Fees (If Applicable)

• Hearse Only


The Ladysmith Way


• Professional Fee

• Basic Resting Bed

• Committal / Crematorium Fee

• Multi-Faith / Clergy Fee

• Doctor Fees (If Applicable)

• Hearse Plus One Limousine


The Penny Meadow Way


• Professional Fee

• Preparation and Hygienic Treatment

• Superior Resting Bed

• Committal / Crematorium Fee

• Multi-Faith / Place of Worship / Clergy Fees

• Doctor Fees (If Applicable)

• Hearse Plus Two Limousines


My Way - Tailored to yourself

Add and take away from any of the plans and make it your Way.

Key offerings

  • Alternative Hearses

  • Horse Drawn Carriages

  • Colorful Resting Beds

  • Engraved Resting Beds

  • Solid Oak Caskets

  • Stones Memorials

  • And much, much more


Why Choose Us?

The services we provide are competitive and affordable, with everything tailored to your wishes. Flexible payment options are available, ranging from payment in full to low-cost monthly instalments over 5 to 15 years. You can change your arrangements at any time and costs will be altered to reflect this. For example, if you decide to be buried rather than cremated, £700 will be deducted from the overall cost due to the varied price range. All payments will be paid into Meadow Funeral Directors trust account. For more details, you can get in touch with our team!

Securing Your Wishes For The Future?

To discover more about our pre-paid funeral services, get in touch with our team.

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